Fair northern fish

Hätälä sustainably produces fair northern fish in Oulu, Finland. With 75 years of experience, we combine traditional handicraft with modern technology to prepare a wide selection of fish delicacies using superior salmon from northern Norway and the finest fish from Finland.



Introducing Hätälä and our products

Hätälä prepares and markets premium fish products in high-quality consumer packaging to retailers and service counters, in addition to professional kitchens and wholesalers. Our wide product range includes whole fish, fillets, and fish delicacies from farmed Norwegian salmon and wild Finnish fish.

We are expanding our range – ask at your local shop about the Hätälä products they have on offer.

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Fresh whole fish and fish fillets
Hot and cold smoked fish and fish fillets
Flamed and grilled fish
Raw salted fish fillets
Seasoned fish products
Marinated fish products
Own kitchen fish delicacies
Seasonal fish

Award-winning family business

“The story of our business began in 1938 when my grandfather, Juho Isohätälä, started selling fish on the market square in the port city of Oulu, Finland. Hätälä is still a true family business and we are proud to uphold traditional family business values. We aim to serve our customers at least as well as when the fish was sold one at a time and face to face at the market. I am extremely proud that we received the coveted EY Family Business Award of Excellence. It is an award for all our employees, because we all work together as a team.”

Riku Isohätälä, CEO

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Kalaa torilta

Healthy fish responsibly

Responsibility drives our procurement of farmed and wild fish. By verifying that the fish are treated properly while they are being raised and caught, we also ensure that the quality of the fish is at its best. Each salmon can be traced all the way back to its roe.

All the fish we use comes from our local Cap of the North region, and the journey of the fish to our facilities can be counted at most in hours, not days. We work very hard not only to ensure that all our products are delicious, but also that they are healthy and safe. All the farmed fish we use is grown without GMO and we exclusively use MSC-certified cod. During each step of our production process, we honour the international BRC quality standard. Hätälä's fresh, smoked, flamed, and salted fish products contain no additives whatsoever. We only use quality sea salt for seasoning and none of our products contain E621 monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Fresh salmon of local origin

Hätälä's manufacturing outlets are situated in Oulu in northern Finland. Our location gives us a big advantage. When we buy salmon from the salmon farmers in northern Norway, the journey to our factory may take as little as 8–12 hours. This is why the salmon we use is always very fresh.


Video Watch our video about the journey that the salmon makes from the cold northern waters to Hätälä in Oulu.


Working with fishermen

We buy our Finnish fish from professional Finnish fishermen. They are our valued partners and we have worked with a number of them for three generations. Hätälä supports local fishermen, for instance by offering long-term contracts and assisting with transportation.

Take a look at a day in the life of a Hätälä fisherman by clicking on this video.


Carefully controlled quality

Fresh fish is a most delicate raw ingredient. By using care and professionalism at every stage, Hätälä can guarantee the best taste, the highest quality, and the upmost safety of all our fish products.

During each step in the production process we respect the international BRC quality standard. The temperature of the fish is monitored throughout to ensure it remains constantly between 0 and -2°C. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production line, all fillets are cut neatly and precisely using the highest levels of hygiene.

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